terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2016


 Volunteering is a social action performed by young adults or nonprofit young people to help an association, an event, school, festival, etc. 
Volunteering can help you try out your interests and make decision about future study or career directions. It can also help to build the experience you need to take up paid work. 

Who does volunteer work at music festivals, film or arts have free tickets and benefits of priorities that others do not have. 
Volunteering is free and there are several ways to do this: 
- Personally, helping to organize a charity event, for example; 
- Contributing to a small payment for some solidarity association; 
- Distributing leaflets of some festival for charity. 
In the UK, there are huge festivals, where volunteers work eight hours a day and receive tickets to eat free or drink a free tea and biscuits. 
But it is not only in the UK that this happens, it happens also in other countries such as Portugal, Australia, etc. 
And to volunteer just go to own websites and sign up.
Your help is precious to the world! 


Student: Ana Reis 9º2ª nº 2

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