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Saint George's Day

ImageImageIt is celebrated by various Christian Churches and various nations , kingdoms , countries and cities , where St. George is the patron saint . The St. George's day is celebrated on 23 April. Since Easter often falls close to St. George's Day , the celebration of the feast of the church can be transferred from 23 Abril 
St George's Day in England remembers St George, England's patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England's national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. 

St George's Day used to be a national holiday in England. It is now an observance that is celebrated with parades, dancing and other activities. Flags with the image of St George's cross are flown on some buildings, especially pubs, and a few people wear a red rose on their lapel. Church services on the Sunday closest to April 23 often include the hymn 'Jerusalem', written by the poet William Blake. The words describe a supposed visit to Glastonbury, England, by Jesus Christ during his youth. 

April 23 is not a public holiday. Schools, stores, post offices, businesses and other organizations are open as usual. Public transport services run to their usual timetables. ~

Student: Marta Coelho 

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