segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

Refugees Crisis

Is Germany a tolerant country?
A hotel ready to accommodate refugees in the town of Bautzen (East Germany) was recently severely damaged by a fire, while neighbouring groups celebrated the accident. The origin of the fire is still unclear, police sources indicated. The constant arrival of refugees to Germany - the country received last year about 1.1 million – increased the attacks against homes for asylum seekers, already inhabited or under construction.
Portugal available to receive ten thousand refugees
Prime Minister António Costa, through bilateral agreements, more than doubled the quota allocated to the country by the European Union. In Brussels, the topic refugees worsened the climate of animosity but it was scheduled for March, a summit with Turkey.
Speaking to journalists, the Portuguese prime minister said again that these refugees, that Portugal is willing to receive, may be directed to sectors such as agriculture and forestry, but the offer also extends to university students.
"It is essential that we all mobilize to respond in a positive way [to the flow of refugees arriving in Europe]," said António Costa. "This is so that Europe fulfills its duty to ensure international protection to all those who are persecuted, to all those who are victims of war and seeking in Europe their refuge."

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