domingo, 8 de maio de 2016


For me, multiculturalism is really good, because it brings us closer to other languages and ethnicities. We can learn with other people and know their values. 
  If we are with a foreign person some time, we realize that we are all   equal and we respect him from there. In my opinion, this is the true meaning of multiculturalism: accept whoever he/she is, of white or black race, from one or another country… 
  I think that racist people are very ignorant. They don’t understand that we are all born in the same worldSome person of a different ethnicity can be one of the greatest person that you have ever met, but racists don’t give importance to this and think they are superior becoming arrogant. 
  I hope that this situation of false superiority becomes less common, because our world needs it. I totally agree with the fact of refugees coming to Europe, because if it was our case we also would like to receive help. 
  In conclusion, multiculturalism helps us to realize that all the people are important, because what some have, others can’t have. 
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Student: Samuel  Zola ,9º 2ª 

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